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There are several clients available to connect to Testbed Runtime. Please follow the links for the most up-to-date description of the clients:

  • Scripting Client
    The Scripting Client provides an easy way to script interactions with the WISEBED Web Service APIs, to automate experiments for example. You can execute it wherever Java is installed and the only thing you practically need is shell access. You don't even have to compile the scripts as they're interpreted by the BeanShell interpreter.
  • Experimentation Scripts (based on Scripting Client)
    A set of bash-scripts that trigger the execution of various BeanShell scripts by the Scripting Client.
  • WiseGui
    WiseGui is an Browser-based client for the WISEBED experimental facility and WISEBED compatible testbeds. It is completely written in HTML5 + JavaScript. It can be used 'out of the box' and does not require any installation by experimenters.
  • TMON
    TMON (Testbed MONitor) is a JAVA GUI developed by the University of Surrey for supporting an experimenter that wants to run experiments in one of the SmartSantander testbed sites. Its plug-in structure allows easy extension to the core provided functionalities and gives the experimenter a high degree of flexibility in controlling the complete life cycle of an experiment and interaction with the testbed.
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