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In this section we describe the use of the web and mobile services created to support the web and mobile applications, respectively.

The aim of these services, is to provide valid and helpful data to the users, which will be displayed in friendly and easily understandable ways such as layers on map, markers and info-windows, containing all the appropriate information.

Mitos experiment contains three basic parts

  1. Mitos services
    In this part we collect all the appropriate data from the SmartSantander API, store them in database and pass them to the web and mobile platform as user requests them.
  2. Web platform
    In this part we built a web interface accessible by web browsers which shows in a friendly way all the data collected from the SmartSantanderApi, plus many other information such as Points Of Interest, city routing etc.
  3. Mobile platform
    In this part we built a mobile application which users can use while moving around the city and provide most of the web application interactions.


Web platform

Mobile platform

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