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USN/IDAS (Intelligent Data Advanced Solution) will allow the development of applications based on sensor networks, using an horizontal approach for integrating different sensing technologies in order to achieve a big variety of application concepts in the M2M environment.

In that sense, IDAS provides a system available for application development based on the information given by the sensor networks. It is suitable for integrating any sensing technology, guaranteeing independency between applications and communication/sensing technologies. Thus, developers can:

  • Connect their devices to IDAS to send periodical information to IDAS.
  • Get information stored in IDAS Databases related to devices or compiled information.

Once devices have been registered and they are sending information to IDAS platform (and it is stored in its databases) interested applications can access these data using two different approaches:

  • Make use of the Publish-Subscribe-Notify paradigm.
  • Query the system for specific primary data or aggregated information provided by IDAS platform.

Two different APIs (M2M REST API and M2M SOAP API) are exposed by IDAS platform using two HTTP protocols: HTTP/SOAP and HTTP/REST. Information regarding how to access the platform using the SOAP API is contained in Consume Live Service Data. For the steps a developer has to perform, through the REST API, to subscribe to some notifications provided by the system or to perform some queries about stored information, refer to Interacting with IDAS REST API

Please, note that only authorized members can access the platform.

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