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Data: Using and Storing Data

The USN/IDAS component is the SmartSantander cloud storage platform which provides several functional features that can be used by application developers and service providers to compose smart services on top the SmartSantander facility. It enables easy discovery of sensor information, effective data management and other functions that allow the development and re-use of sensing and actuation capabilities from the heterogeneous testbed resources.

This platform stores in its database all the observations and measurements sent by the different IoT nodes, containing live and historic information. Thus, it provides facilities towards the development of services that convert raw data into useful information.

A description of how using the USN/IDAS component, with a general overview on the USN as well as possibilities to work on top of it, is provided in the following link Using the USN/IDAS.

Furthermore, the experiments selected on the second call also interact with the USN component. So, you could find a link for each of these experiments that provides a description of the steps needed to take in order to run the experiments on top of the SmartSantander framework (e.g. interfacing steps, methods used, etc).

Direct Links to the experiments

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