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Conduct WSN Experiments on our Testbeds

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(:Title Conduct WSN Experiments on our Testbeds:)
!! General Procedure

To conduct an experiment in one of testbeds maintained by SmartSantander, you first have to [[Experimentation/GetAccount | register]] for an account.

After your account is established, you have to create your application to be executed within the testbed. See section [[Experimentation/WriteApps | Write Your Own Apps]] for instructions on how to build an application for the different target platforms.

After compiling your application, you have to connect to the [[Experimentation/Testbeds | testbeds]] of your choice and reserve the nodes necessary for your experiment. Since the testbeds provide different kinds of nodes, make sure that your application has been compiled for the corresponding target platform.

There are multiple options to connect to a testbed, reserve nodes and run an experiment, which depend on the chosen [[ConductExperiments/TestbedClients | testbed client]].
To get a start, you might want to follow our [[ConductExperiments/StepByStepGuide]] which uses command line-based [[ | Experimentation Scripts]]. There are already a set of pre-defined scripts available but you might also create one on your own. If you decide to do so, you might want to look at section [[Main/ConductAnAdvancedExperiment]].

!! Direct Links
* [[Experimentation/GetAccount | How to get an account]]
* [[Experimentation/ReserveDeployViewExperimentationScripts |Step by Step Guide Using Experimentation Scripts]]
* [[Experimentation/ReserveDeployViewTestbedClientApps | Testbed Clients]]
* [[Experimentation/ReserveDeployViewAdvancedExpt| Conduct An Advanced Experiment]]
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