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Reserve Nodes, Deploy WSN Applications and Get Data Streams

Once you have built your software image for the appropriate target IoT node (instructions for developing applications for Waspmote, iSense or TelosB device are found here) and you have tested it using your own sensor device or available emulators such as MSPSim or Cooja, you can proceed to deploy it on the SmartSantander IoT nodes. To do so, you must have an account (if not, please register here). Using this account, you will be able to reserve nodes on the various testbeds, deploy your software images once your reservation window is active and receive data packets coming from the IoT nodes in your experiment.

We provide testbed services in the form of Web Services to perform the following:

  1. Obtain the list of available nodes
  2. Filter and select IoT nodes from the list of available nodes
  3. Reserve the selected nodes
  4. Claim the reservation for an experiment and flash the nodes with your software image
  5. Register a client controller to control the experiment and receive the data output each node

We provide testbed client applications for interaction with these services. Please proceed to the next page for a description of the different testbed client applications available for your usage.

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Page last modified on December 05, 2012, at 05:50 PM