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SmartSantander Testbed Manual

Welcome to the SmartSantander Testbed Manual! In this manual you will find detailed information about our testbeds and how to use them. The Section Testbeds contains the description of all available testbeds, sensor node types and sensors. To run your own sensor network applications on our testbeds please refer to How To Create An Experiment for a step-by-step introduction about how researchers can perform experiments on one of the SmartSantander testbeds. If you are new to the world of sensor network programming please read Write Your Own Apps where you will find information about how to develop applications on the sensor nodes. It includes sample programs as source code. If you just need to consume data you can find under Using And Storing Data the description of the SmartSantander Application Support Interface (ASI). This interface provides services (sensor values) for people that do not want to develop their own sensor node applications but just consume sensor data to build applications on top of it. Additionally, integration with FIWARE has been also carried out. If you have a specific question please also have a look at our FAQ (Frequently asked questions).

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