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iSense is a hard- and software platform offered by coalesenses GmbH

iSense CoreModule 2
iSense CoreModule 2 (image by coalesenses)

Best and most up to date documentation about iSense application development is found on the coalesenses development page.
You will have access to tutorials as well as compilers and libraries for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.
The tutorials will support you in setting up the basic development environment and in using and extending the iShell which can be used to flash and manage the iSense nodes.

You may also want to download the DemoApplication from coalesenses and compile it.
L├╝beck testbed contains two kinds of modules where the first one is Jennic 5139R1 (Core Module) and second is Jennic 5184 (Core Module 2).

After downloading the demo application for Core Module or Core Module 2, respectively, extract the zip file into your isense_sdk/iApps directory and compile as follows. For Core Module 2 run

:~/isense_sdk/iApps/CoreModuleDemoApplication$ make -k JN5148
----- Building for JENNIC 5148 target ------
----- Compiling (Jennic JN514x) src/CoreModuleDemoApplication.cpp
----- Linking to bin/JN5148/CoreModuleDemoApplication.or32
----- Copying to or32 bin/JN5148/CoreModuleDemoApplication.or32
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
  32120     136    6400   38656    9700 bin/JN5148/CoreModuleDemoApplication.or32
----- Done  ------

For Core Module 1 run

:~/isense_sdk/iApps/CoreModuleDemoApplication$ make -k JN5139R1
----- Building for JENNIC 5139R1 target ------
----- Build finished
----- Done  ------

To flash the compiled application to our testbed follow the StepByStepGuide.

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Page last modified on November 14, 2012, at 11:41 AM