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Middleware: IntegratingMiddleware

As result of the 1st Open Call for Experimenters on top of the SmartSantander platform, two experiments have been selected, i.e. the CityScripts and the SACCOM. Aim of the two experiments was the integration of a Middleware solution with the SmartSantander testbed deployments respectively located to Santander and Guildford.

The CityScript project aimed at integrating and experimenting, inside the SmartSantander facility, a true Web of Things scenario in which every object is connected to a pervasive wireless/wired network and can answer directly or by indirection to a HTTP query and return structured data. More details are provided at the following link VirtualSensing.

The objective of the SACCOM middleware experiment was to verify scalability of a cooperating objects middleware, a product of the recently completed FP7 STREP POBICOS, by integrating it with the testbed SmartCampus deployment at Guilford site. More details are provided at the following link Middleware.

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