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SmartSantander at Senzations 2013

An interview of the Major of Santander (in the same period):

In the article the Major speaks explicitly about Smart Santander project:Tra i vari programmi spicca SmartSantander …”

An article published by a major Italian newspaper “(Corriere della Sera”):

In October 2012 the Major of Santander participated to “Smart City Exhibition 2012”, that was held in Bologna (Italy), and he presented the experience of Santander as “Smart City” in the final plenary meeting.  In the article he speaks also about Smart Santander services: “realidad augmentada” and “Pulso de la ciudad”.

SmartSantander project on Spiegel

SmartSantander project on Bloomberg Businessweek

SmartSantander project on Le

Article of Prof. Luis Munoz at El Diario Montañés with title "SmartSantander: innovation at the service of society"


There is no doubt that cities are conforming a new techno-urban landscape in our society. They are becoming an enabler for a new productive model based on the knowledge and its use for bringing technical solutions addressing a better quality of live and sustainability. In this context, some cities and their authorities jointly with other initiatives such EUROCITIES, NICE and Green Charter want express their commitment in pushing the smart city ecosystem at the very forefront. Hence, during the next six months a Manifesto is going to be consolidated  relying on the MoU signed during the last FIA held in Aalborg (May 2012). The cities wishing to join are invited to signed the MoU included in this site.


SmartSantander refered in "Endiaferon" magazine of "Gnomi" newspaper , on December 2011


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