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Web of Things framework for Smart Cities applications

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Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies

Smart Cities – Trends & Technologies



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SmartSantander: A playground towards M2M/IoT standardization

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SmartSantander presentation at Energy Efficiency and Smart City Days



Luis Muñoz

16th European Annual Conference of Local Public Enterprises



Joao Fernandes et al.
Smart Santander - Horizon2020 Conference

Horizon2020 Conference



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SmartSantander - An industrial appoach to the SmartCity paradigm

Telefónica Industry Analysts Event on SmartCities



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The SmartSantander Project - Nuevos horizontes

UDD Chile - Telefonica Workshop



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UCMC: Urban Computing & Modern Cities



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Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013


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Big data deluge can change the world



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Papers at WPMC



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High-Tech Sensors Help Old Port City Leap Into Smart Future



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Hybrid City II



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Mobility management in real time
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Hands on FIRE. FIA Event
FIA Event



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SmartSantander: Internet of Things Research and Innovation through Citizen Participation
Future Internet Assembly 2013


Luis Muñoz
Santander claims title as Europe's "smartest" city



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A Living Smart City: Dynamically Changing Nodes Behavior Through Over the Air Programming
International Workshop  Pervasive Internet of Things and Smart Cities (PITSaC), in conjunction with AINA-2013 International IEEE Conference.



Santander: A Digital Smart City Prototype in Spain
External : Marco Evers



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Soft Actuation: Concept and Challenges
7th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction



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Santander: Smart City



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WAKE: Key Management Scheme for Wide-Area Measurement Systems in Smart Grid



Luis Muñoz

IoT forum 2012



Luis Muñoz

Smart city expo world congress


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A Web Platform To Collect, Manage And Share Heterogeneous Sensor Data
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The 9th International Conference onWireless On-demand Network Systems and Services: WONS 2012



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A Framework of Deployment Strategy for Hierarchical WSN Security Management



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Integrating Living Labs with Future Internet Experimental Platforms for Co-creating Services within Smart Cities
ICE 2011 - 17th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising


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IST Future Networks & Mobile Summit Poland, Warsaw, 2011


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SmartSantander : the path towards the smart city vision
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Smart Cities at the forefront of the Future Internet
FIA Book 2011

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